• Bromley Estate (map)
  • Ocho Rios
  • Jamaica
Art is not just something you hang on a wall or place on an alabaster pedestal. Art is who you are... It is the very expression of Prana, of life’s creative mystery, uniquely moving through you as the human soul aroused.”
— Micheline Berry


December 28, 2016 - January 2, 2017
Airport destination: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The New Year is a powerful ritual time to reflect, turn inward, water the creative dharma within and celebrate gratitude. Join Micheline Berry and Joey Lugassy for their annual ritual retreat at their Jamaican home away from home, the exquisite Bromley Estate of Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Micheline has designed this signature boutique “yoga meets local culture” retreat to integrate the “healing arts” of yoga and meditation with an authentic immersion into Jamaican nature and culture. You will experience daily transformational vinyasa flow yoga & silent mindfulness meditations, yoga+art journaling and vision board, live music & dance as well an authentic immersion into Jamaican culture, from it’s secret beaches, art ateliers, crystalline oceans, rivers & waterfalls, to its local farm-to-table cuisine, vibrant art and musical culture.

We will celebrate New Year’s Eve at a seaside dinner and dance party at the iconic GoldenEye Resort, the former home of Ian Flemming and passion project of Chris Blackwell of Island Records. And complete the retreat with an authentic Yemanja ritual New Year’s Day.

It is our belief that all meaningful life art arises from a courageous gaze inward, an elegant listening, and subsequent discipline to actualize one’s own dharmic art in the world.

You will return home to begin the New Year inspired, well fed, physically renewed and in touch with your art and the wild gratitude within you.