• Bulgaria

Udaya Live - A Five Day Yoga and Music festival bringing you the best teachers and world class musicians together to celebrate our five year reunion.

Hola Tribe...

"Why Bulgaria?" you ask. Well, you will find a hidden jewel culturally, in her people (some of the most kind and generous on the planet) and in her wild, healing nature. Really! People come from all over the world to bathe in her waters and mud alike due to their healing powers. 

This August 16-21 in particular, you will feel the mountains alive with music and Bulgarian love during Yariv Lerner's Udaya LIVE Yoga & Music Festival... an ALL inclusive festival retreat, bringing an extraordinary collection of musicians, artists and yogis together for 5 days of pure magic and radical relaxation. Udaya is not only the home of all my online programming and my 40 Day Liquid Asana Live box set, but also family for me. Yariv has a neck for making the impossible happen. Come be a part of that this year with us. Ridiculous laughter included. :)

Take a sneak peak here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CktRgDXxa-0

Visit www.udayalive.com for more details.