WELCOME to the hub of creative immersive journeys into yoga, world art, culture, gastronomy and eco-adventure around the planet.

Whether your art is to make music, create businesses, direct films, raise families or teach, my immersive retreats and teacher trainings are designed to impact those who wish to impact the world. My work is designed to take you on a powerful journey "inside out", often through physically challenging eco-adventures from trekking in Mallorca to jungle river-rafting in Brazil. The work is deep and can profoundly alter your body as well as your creative life.

Yoga is so much more than asana and philosophies of antiquity. It is living life awake and present to adventure...yours. I look forward to taking you on such a journey, within your own inner wilderness and around this big beautiful world. 

Cheers, Micheline

micheline berry


(( SOLD OUT )) May 24th-31st, 2018 - Deia, Mallorca   YOGA + ART + ECO-SAFARI RETREAT

(( FILLING )) Nov 9th-18th, 2018 - YogaFlow, Sao Paolo, Brazil 200hr LIQUID ASANA VINYASA TT (Module 1 / 100hrs)

(( SOLD OUT )) Dec 28th, 2018 - Jan 4th, 2019 - Havana, Cuba NEW YEAR’S RITUAL RETREAT

(( FILLING )) Jan 18th-27th, 2019 - YogaFlow, Sao Paolo, Brazil   200hr LIQUID ASANA VINYASA TT (Module 2 / 100hrs)

Jan 31st-Feb 3rd, 2019 - Fazenda Lila, MG/SP, Brazil BRAZIL RETIRO / LOCAL RETREAT (taught in Portuguese)

March 3rd-8th, 2019 - Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA ESALEN Yoga, Core Creativity & The Hero’s / Heroine’s Journey An Intensive Retreat with Micheline, Joey Lugassy + Ensemble

April 19-28th - YogaFlow, Sao Paolo, Brazil -  300hr LIQUID ASANA VINYASA TT (Module 1 / 100hrs)

May 11-18th, 2019 - Lucca + Cinque Terre, Italy ITALY Yoga + Art + Gastronomie Retreat

June 14th-23rd - YogaFlow, Sao Paolo, Brazil 300hr LIQUID ASANA VINYASA TT (Module 2 / 100hrs)

August _______, 2019 - YogaFlow, Sao Paolo, Brazil 300hrs LIQUID ASANA VINYASA TT (Module 3 / 100hrs)


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